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  • "Stepping-Stones" A Letter from You and I to Jesus

    "Stepping-Stones" A Letter from You and I to Jesus

    Dear Jesus,

     Hi Father! Thank You for the (fill in here something He has given you recently. For me, it is the beautiful view of the Annapurna mountains this morning!) WOW!! Your love for me is so POWERFUL and MAJESTIC – You always take my breath away Father. YOU always know exactly how to make me feel loved and show me that You are with me.  When I see how much You love me, I can’t help but think, wow, if You have this much for a sinful me, your love for all your sons and daughters is beyond any human comprehension. Father, it is my honor to share your love and hope with the world.  Your power of transformation is something everyone deserves and should know about. And that is what I love so much about You, your heart is for anyone!  You are not too good for anyone; your mercy and grace are for all of us who choose to believe in You.

     If You could take me, (here you can list a few shortcomings. For me: a 43 year old, never been married, child-less, unemployed, recovered drug addict) and love me enough to put my broken pieces back together to show your ultimate power, love, and glory to a hurting world, WOW!!! Then I pray Father, in Your Holy Name, that through me people can see your hope, your love, your power, your endless and unconditional love, and your strength. I pray that through me your love can shine on to those who do not know You. 

     Jesus, I am not perfect, I am still a work in progress, and I mess up on a daily basis, but yet YOU still love me so much. You love for your sons and daughters is filled with so much grace and mercy! Thank You for your unconditional love for us all! When I repent and strive to be a better person, You give me what I need to do that, ALWAYS!!! 

     I am learning, the closer I get to You, that this walk with you, it is a process, a beautiful, humbling process.   All I have to have is a willing and humble heart, and believe that You are my Lord. It is not humanly possible to be exactly what I spiritually strive to be, but with You, I can learn how and grow daily. 

     Thank You Jesus that even though there are times when I fall backwards, times when I stumble over my mistakes, You still lift me up and carry me back to the journey that You have for me. You carry me until I am strong enough to walk with You again and move forward.

     What the world calls “scars” and “baggage”, I can now call Stepping-stones to be closer to You. Stepping-stones to show the power and glory of your love.  Stepping-stones to a stronger me because of YOU!


    Thank You Jesus for loving me…