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  • Nepal: Beautiful People, Beautiful Memories

    Nepal: Beautiful People, Beautiful Memories

    It's Jubilee Season!

    Thank you all so much who have been praying for my YWAM outreach team and all of you who are sponsoring me.... WOW!!! God is using you all so much on this trip!! Isn't it awesome how together we are doing His work? Powerful.

    Life here has been so awesome! I can't thank you enough for being a part of this with me!!! God is doing the most awesome things. Completely unexpected redemptions and new beginnings. God has shown me family... Huh? Yes! This culture is beautiful! My mom was Filipina, she passed away almost 20 years ago and we. We were best friends. The Nepali culture reminds me so much of her! I'm finally understanding so many behaviors of my mom and how her influence has made me who I am. Everything from the way the Nepali women live, cook, eat with their fingers, serve people with love, squat, yell, have tempers, and leave their shoes at the door.. Lol!!! God has shown me who I am from showing me who my mom is. Thank you Jesus for restoring my self worth and self confidence. My identity is not in anything but Him and for a long time I was getting it from the wrong things.

    We are staying with a family for 3 weeks in a children's home / YWAM Base, 11 children! The hous mom is Pushpa and we have become so very close. , I am praying about supporting her and her family when I get back to the states and start working again. Pushpa lost her mom when she was young so we have had some great conversations. She is probably one of the first people who has said and felt the same things as me about what we have experienced about losing our moms. Such a beautiful gift from God.

    Also we are doing a lot of house fellowships and preaching at church. Sharing the gospel in this community has been amazing!! God is so good. We have seen deliverance of a few women, we have prayed and laid hands on many hurting people here. Many people in Nepal believe in Jesus because of healings, signs and wonders... It is so powerful!!! God is working through us so strongly it is blowing my mind. God is also using the Nepalis to show us so many things. They are such a loving, hardworking, serving, and simple people. The Christian community is growing in Nepal. There are still many spiritual things coming against Christianity... But God is more powerful! I know God has this place on my heart and I will be back. I will be praying about what ministry HE wants me to do here, but this is the place on my heart and I will be traveling back here many times!

    Please pray for the country of Nepal. Also keep in your prayers the YWAM Chitwan Base and the families here. They are in need of funds, and lots of prayer for the children's home. The government is getting involved and are threatening to shut it down. Many things have to be done for the home to pass all kinds of inspection. This is a home full of love, a Christian home where the children are learning about Jesus. They are in the middle of a Hindu community, but still shine their bright little hearts for Jesus!

    God is good! I'm seeing His mighty power on this trip..... Thank you all for being a part of all this with me!!!! God will and is blessing you all for answering His call to support me... THANK YOU!!